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Thursday, 11 May 2017

One man band deluxe! (San Francisco)

An amazing one man band performance

                               What  is  a  busker ?

An  artist  who  performs  at  street  level , to  passers by  and
Maybe  a  sitting  down  audience , usually  for  money . There
Are  many  types  of  buskers ,. There  are , living statues ,street
Clowns , fire eaters , tango dancers ,puppet masters , jugglers ,
Magicians  and  there  are  street musicians  . Like  everything
Else  in  the  entertainment  business , there  is  a  lot  of  good
Stuff  and  there  is  also , a  lot  of  crap ... Personally  I  like
To  draw  a  dividing  line  between  street musicians  and  other
Street  artists . A  street artists  motive  is  usually  to  entertain ,
Where as  a  street musician  might  be  more  concerned  about
The  quality  of  the  music  he  projects , rather  than  the ,  passers by’s , reaction  to  it .... At  the  end  of  the  day  we  are  all  buskers , though .

                Busk       entertain people in a public place , e.g.
                                    playing music for money

Watch out for the tiny saxophones...

 He  was  using  a  combination  of  small, battery  powered  amplifiers  and  a  digital  drum  machine , all  blending  in  just  right   giving  out  a  pretty neat equalized  sound , it  looked  so  impact  and  easy  to  carry , it  was  just  perfect . He  was  doing  late sixties, early seventies  underground  classics , you  know  the  then  cult  things ,. Syd Barrett , traffic , spooky tooth  and  some  early ´who`  rarities , you  know , the ´fuck me , I’ve  heard that  before  thing .` This  guy  was good,this guy was  original .


Get frustrated,get angry and even get depressed but don,t get bored,believe me it will show...
Make your work challenging,not impossible but challenging,leave enough room for to stretch yourself...Its better to be a musicians musician rather than a three chord wanderer bashing out recycled crap taken from a copy of 101 hits for buskers..Learn the tricky bits at home not on pitching ground...The street is where you preform,not where you sound check..
Protect your reputation,don,t stain your uniform..Before you step out make sure that everything is working,don,t jump out without a parachute..

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